Guest Hangar

Aircraft and Cost of Operation

Our current aircraft is a Cessna 172 (N6094A), which is IFR rated for training.
It includes a Garmin 250XL. An additional Garmin 496 is available for use.

The hourly use fee to fly the C172 is $70/wet (since January 2012)

This can change from month to month, based on fuel prices. However the total hourly use rate is based on a TACH hour, NOT a Hobbs hour, again, saving members money.

Fixed monthly fees

Members are responsible for fixed expenses or dues. These include hangar costs, utilities, and insurance. Members are billed monthly and the fees are determined by the number of club members. The more members in the Club, the cheaper it is for everyone. Momentarily (since April 2014) the rate is $125/month.
Remember, as a shareholder in the Club, members actually own a plane at very reduced costs.

Members are fully insured and only liable for the insurance deductible in the event of an accident. You are NOT required to purchase renter’s insurance.

Our CFI rates in the C172 are $45/hour

Instructor fees are in addition to use rates.