Guest Hangar

Interested in Joining ?

The procedure for joining KTKV Flyers, Inc. requires a membership application to be completed and sent to KTKV Flyers, Inc. for approval.

If you wold like an application or more information, such as By-Laws, Operating Rules, or current rates and fees, please click appropriate links below or fill out a message in the “Contact Us” portion of our website.

KTKV Pilots Application (PDF)
KTKV Operating Rules (PDF)
KTKV By-Laws (PDF)

Club Requirements

Members get all the benefits of ownership at a fraction of the cost. Members must obey all applicable FARs and fly within the constraints of the KTKV Flyers, Inc. By-Laws, Rules, and Insurance Policy.

Members are fully insured and only liable for the insurance deductible in the event of an accident. You are NOT required to purchase renter’s insurance.